Meghan Sickner
Tools for Love

The Goddess

Live the live you dare to dream

Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~Marianne Williamson

Breathe, take a deep goddess breath in with all your beauty and wisdom, and breathe out all those things you tell yourself you should be ... And so we begin.

• A goddess is sensual and seductive and relies on and trusts her intuition. She has learned how to tap into this source at will. In other words, she's learned the skill of getting her thinking out of her head.  She allows her senses to lead her and inquires for her truth to guide her. She views her body as sacred. 

• A goddess is compassionate and forgiving with herself. She is fully aware that her body is her temple. She gets enough rest and gives her body the right fuel by deeply breathing fresh air, eating correctly, and drinking enough water. She knows what she needs to be at her best and is sure to feed her body and her soul.

• A goddess is committed to nurturing nature. She knows the art of healing. She cares about all aspects that touch her own and other people's lives ... she thinks earthly. She works towards peace and understanding; whether on a large scale or simply with her loved ones and closest friends. She contributes to the energy of nature and teaches others to do so too.

Offer a moment each day to find your spirit, your inner /outer wise goddess, and ask her what she needs. Does she need a walk along the beach,  Exercise,  time nurturing loved ones, being nurtured, and perhaps a focused attention to her passionate projects. Whatever your spirit reveals to you, listen and accept with permission. Our wise goddess knows what is best for us, even when we don’t.

A Goddess Mantra:

Today I welcome my spirit, intuition,  guide, wisdom and  Goddess to lead the way and show up everywhere and in every way I need her.  Reassure her "I am safe"